Being Human

Funny how us humans have this supreme ability to mould own thoughts and then be obsessed with them. While we believe half of these realisations come naturally into our heads when in true sense most of them are self generated by our own subconscious desires .

All of a sudden we wake to find a side of us we never knew existed , it is thrilling to feel this way & it fills us up with a certain energy which gives birth to few new behaviour patterns/acts . A person who once treasured his/her sleep to an extent of no compromise suddenly gives up the need and finds himself/herself staying up till morning, surviving the entire day with minimal sleep in system, steering the day with nothing but the same undefined energy which was unknown to him the night before . How things change overnight. how can someone/something which had no appeal a moment ago suddenly dominate your existence. It seems no less than brain damage. We claim to be a controlled & a much civilised race then how is it possible to lose sight of our own goals…especially for something which was alien to us a moment ago, anything which cannot be explained has a dual potential of either bringing happiness or damage.

Often we get lost with these deviations & lose focus from our path ..we start dedicating energy , time , emotions , logic everything to a cause which may just be a figment of our imagination . But then why do such imaginations seem so desirable that you keep repeating them in your head . That is what’s called losing control ,repeating thoughts in your head which had no existence a night before .

People who go lost are mostly sane just that they become slaves to their emotions & from thereon starts the reckless dilemma of what’s right & wrong , should it happen now or never etc ….

Human emotions are complex they don’t come with a manual it’s an on the job learning exercise .They have the power to drive us ,fuel our actions and make us what we are and so it becomes almost necessary that we take charge of certain feelings which can bring potential harm to us or the path on which we walk on.

So precious human , Have power , have strength …keep your heart strong & move on !

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