5 Easy Steps to Write Highly Persuasive Digital Ad Copies

Writing a good ad copy is easy.

Writing an exceptional copy is very difficult!

For a digital marketer, one of the most difficult and important skill to acquire is writing persuasive ad copies. Without it, the CTR’s, conversions and ROI will fail to take off. While all your endeavors on social, blogs, press releases etc can contribute to the brand personality, but unless you are selling, staying in business is going to be a tough job. And without you writing great ads, people are not going to buy — it’s that simple.

Developing great ad writing skills require time and a great deal of practice. But with the right approach, following these simple steps, writing an unforgettable ad copy can become pretty easy.

1. Write for your audience, make it personal

What is that one problem that your readers are looking to solve? What are their hopes and aspirations? Why must they buy from you?

You must focus on your prospects while crafting an ad copy. The better you understand them and their requirements, the easier it is for you to compel them to take a desired action.

Adding a personal touch to your ads can also significantly increase your engagement rates. The next time you write an ad, avoid using “us” and “we”, instead use “You” and “Your”.

2. Avoid jargons — keep your ads simple and up-front

The best way to use jargons in ad copies is simple — don’t!

Keep your ads simple and direct. Avoid language that is difficult to comprehend.

David Ogilvy’s 10 tips for writing excellent copy will go a long way in increasing your ads marketing appeal.

3. Forget the features, focus on benefits

People simply do not care how awesome your brand is, or how innovative your company is. If you can’t solve their problem, you are no good. Highlight the benefits, don’t talk about the features. No one wants to know what technology that car uses in its air conditioning. As long as it allows customers a ‘cool’ drive on a hot sunny day, they are happy.

As goes the all time classic marketing proverb — “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole.”

4. Use emotional triggers in your copies

Humans react faster when they are exposed to emotions. Fear, anger, belonging, love, etc are some of the strongest human emotions. If you can channel your ad to reflect any one of these emotions, that ad can instantly guarantee a response. Insurance companies do it all the time. However, one must be careful not to overtly use negative emotions in excess as customers might start perceiving your brand in a negative imagery.

Image courtesy: 1st-medical-insurance-quotes.com

5. Include a very strong call to action

I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of a strong call to action at the end of an ad copy. If you want your readers to take action, tell them. If it’s an eCommerce business, use “Buy Now” or “Order Now”. Similarly for an event or a simple form fill, use “Register Now”. Call to actions create a sense of urgency and reignites their willingness to take immediate action.

So, the next time you write an ad for your customers, try following these simple steps. You will notice a remarkable difference in the way customers react to your ads and your conversion rates will skyrocket.

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