Having a hard time in your relationship? Or did you just enter into one? Either way this article will help you learn as to how you can have a healthy relationship and not letting it hit rock-bottom way too soon(As it is in most of the relationships, nowadays)

How to have a healthy relationship

Before I give you tips on having a beautiful and healthy relationship, let me quote down something I read somewhere, ages ago:

“To love is nothing

To be loved is something

But to be loved by someone whom you love, is everything”

Okay darling, if you just entered into a relationship with someone you love, you are allowed to do that happy dance.*add your blushing face here* *winks*

Because why not, not everyone gets what they wish to have and you just got to be with someone you love and a cherry on top of the cake is that he/she loves you too.*you are allowed to sigh in pleasure here**grins*

But I must also tell you that, in this modern era of following cool (read, most of the time uncool and absurd) trends, they have underestimated the essence and purity of love.

Most of the time it is limited to showing off to the world like, “Hey look I am in a relationship with someone so why not share our really personal moments with the world…” Because why not, you darling have no idea that people ruins beautiful things.

Hey wait, before you go like “What’s wrong in showing the world you love them?” I am just talking about some immature kids sharing their every single details of their beautiful relationship. Like dude, at least keep some things private, it’s worth it and of course priceless.

So without further ado, here are some tips to have a healthy relationship

1.Understand your partner

It’s not only about loving your partner, but also trying to understand them. If you don’t understand each other, trust me you will soon have lots of misunderstanding. And that my dear, is really not good.

Try to understand his/her way of thinking. It might so happen that your mentality may not match every time, but that’s okay. We all are different people with different opinion. A little bit of compromise from both the side can do much more than you think to strengthen your relationship. Also keep in mind; it shouldn’t be always you to step down.

You don’t want to be taken for granted, do you?

2.Motivate them

If you claim that you love them, then it should be you who sees the best in that person. When you realize your partner is good at something, compliment them. When they want to take some new projects or want to join that cool club- let them do it.

Your encouragement means a lot to them. Motivate them to take some new projects and be glad that he/she is having that beautiful smile because of you.

3.Give them their personal space

No matter what you think every single human species needs that five underrated word- space.

Yes, I understand you want to know where your partner is and what she/he is doing for whole day long but sometimes they mightn’t be in a mood to talk and wants to have some alone time.

They might just want to take that solo trip and let me tell you, its highly irritating of you to want to tag along when clearly he/she doesn’t want to. Even if your partner fails to tell you, please understand.

4.Be loyal and honest

Being loyal and honest with your partner is the most basic thing to have a healthy relationship. Be loyal to your partner; at the same time be honest with her/him.

Understand that, just like people fall in love, they also fall out of love.

If it ever happens with you, speak up before it’s too late. Because nothing is frustrating than being in a forced relationship.


Feeling insecure can be understood but you need to trust your partner, if you really love them. If they love you back, they will never break your trust. And if they did, she/he is not the right person for you darling.

So just chill and let them go, you deserve better.*hugs*

6.Make them feel special

It’s not necessary to take them to dinner date every alternative day.

Or spending huge bucks to get them their favorite stuffs.

It’s much more than that. Perhaps spending time with you is what they want, maybe doing something extra of your comfort zone is when they will feel special.

Just hold their hand whenever you get a chance and never let an opportunity go to let them know how lucky you feel to have them.

7.Be friends

If you aren’t friends, you can’t be lovers

There is no point of being in a relationship and not being able to bluntly keep everything that’s bothering you, in-front of your partner.

Create a healthy friendly relationship and see it doing wonders to your love relationship.

8.Take it slow

Take time to know your partner and don’t try to rush it.

Sometimes, it can get too overwhelming and they might feel suffocated.

Just because you want to get committed as soon as possible, rushing things can get things messed up.

9.Love is freedom

Love is freedom, not suffocation.

Don’t let your partner feel bounded to you. Let them feel free.

They should feel that they can have their alone time and spend some time with their friends. Don’t intrude into those moments.

When time will come, they will come back to you with what exactly you wanted.*grins*

10.Embrace the imperfect them

As the time will pass, you will get to know about their flaws.

When you love someone, don’t expect your partner to be perfect or what you deem perfect.

There is nothing called flawless beauty.

Flaws and beauty complement each other.

If it’s flawless, it’s not beautiful.

So embrace the imperfect side as well, not only the perfect one.

So fellows, I hope you will not just read it but try to bring in those changes in your relationship.

Because don’t you want to hold your partners hand, look into each other’s eyes, when the earth seems to forget revolving, in your 60’s and say “We made it”?

At least I want to.*winks*

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