How to relieve stress in 12 easy ways

Ritu Soni
Ritu Soni
Feb 10, 2018 · 5 min read

Want to shoo away stress? You are at the right place. Read the article to know how you can reduce and manage stress and live life little more comfortably.

Reduce stress in 12 easy steps

Stress occurs when demands are placed on you. It can be from your school,office or from your own personal life.Or in a more simpler and realistic language,when some annoying species creates havoc in your life and destroys your peace of mind-that’s when you my darling,you suffer from stress. It may be also because you have some responsibilities and you think that you ain’t fulfilling it properly. Whatever may be the reason,in most of cases,it is good for you but huge amount of stress can have adverse effect on you and your health. Here are some few techniques which I use and find it really effective and useful. Using these tactics will certainly garner immediate results in a stressful time.

Steps to get relieve from stress

1.Deep breath

Take deep breath. Just a little deeper than usual. Feel the sensation of each breath.Close your eyes,now think of something serene and beautiful Like an open sky and a blue whale surfing somewhere in the pacific ocean.

Perhaps a religious place where the monks are praying or a toddler happy to take its first step. Yup! Beautiful. It will most certainly help you relax your mind.

2.Listening to the music

Do you have a playlist of your favorite songs? Bring it to a good use. Find a comfortable place,perhaps a chair kept right beside you. Sit in a comfortable position, get your earphones on, close your eyes and let that soothing music run down your veins. However, keep in mind that listening to the wrong type of music can also make you feel otherwise. Always choose a slow music which ain’t that hard on your ears.

3.Smile and laugh

Yeah,you read it right. People don’t really smile or laugh when they are stressed out. But you should also know that our brains are interconnected with our emotions and facial expression. Generally,when we are stressed, we keep it a lot in our faces. So changing that grumpy face to a happy one can kill a lot of stress hormones.

Watch those funny videos or talk to your favorite person who actually makes your smile reach your eyes*add winking face here*

4.Let it out

Its very important to let the things out in open, that are bothering you. Talk to your parents, guardians,friends or anyone you find worthy enough. If they ain’t around, write it down. Studies shows that keeping a journal has as much as benefits like that of talking to a person. It wrestles down a lot of stress hormones and calms down your mind.


A 30 minute walk,run or dance in the midst of stressful time can do a lot more than you think. Its effect can last for several hours giving your mind much needed break. Regular exercise also ensures that you can deal with daily anxiety. Make a habit to exercise regularly and punch those stress monsters out of your life ring.


Okay, if you admit that you are a lazy being and don’t want to exercise but also want to shoo away anxiety,here is a solution-Meditate Researches says that it has same effect as of that of exercising. It will help you see new perspective of the situation or even find a solution. It also releases emotions which may have been causing physical stress to you.

The above listed points are effective when you are in a stressful time.

But,what if you can eliminate or lower the chance of anxiety all together??

A proper lifestyle ensures that you don’t have to face it or even if you do,you can manage it efficiently.

7.Follow proper sleeping routine

If you don’t let your mind and body rest for a proper period of time,you won’t be able to eliminate unwanted anxiety from your life. Its very important to have proper,uninterrupted sleep not only because it reduces stress but also for your overall health. I will explain you about merits and demerits of improper sleep in the next article.

8.Eat healthy

Eating the right food can not only help you fight stress but also bring good physical changes in you. There are edibles which help you reduce stress hormones.

Try in-taking edibles rich in Vitamin B and Vitamin C. Bananas ,avocados,meat,fish and also some dairy products are rich in vitamin B. You can also lower the consumption of caffeine and replace it with herbal or green tea.

9.Regular Exercise

As I already mentioned it above that exercising helps you fight anxiety. Exercising regularly will keep your mind and body fit. Learning yoga is also beneficial for your mental health So, why not enroll yourself in a gym,learn yoga or follow some cool YouTube channel to kick start your life again?


Are you thinking about Facebook,Instagram,Snap-chat this instance?? Scrap that. Get some real hobbies. It can be singing,dancing,reading books or even gardening. My personal favorite hobby is reading books and trust me, it works like magic for me. I also get to learn new things. Plus,there are so many advantages of reading books which can be explained in a new article altogether.

11.Learn to manage your stress

Get a diary right away. Whenever you feel you are stressing a little too much,jot down the factors that are causing you stress. Write down your exact feeling and see if you can find some solution for it. Even if you don’t find immediate solution,you will most probably feel free and see things in clearer vision.

12.Take a break from life

Get up, pack your bag and let your inner traveler get hold of you. Explore places and let your breath mingle with fresh air of a new land. You will never know how beautiful it feels until you do that. But again if you are not in a place to leave,you can surely go outdoor and play some games, No, I am not talking about taking your phone or your gadgets outside and playing those games but actually moving your body.

Play some outdoor games,especially ones where team spirit is required. You can thank me later*add grinning face here*

Having said that, I hope you feel better after bringing the above mentioned tips in use. If you have any queries, you are more than welcome to drop your questions down in the comment box.

So fellows, fight those stress monsters, let the bright rays of happiness seep through you and make you feel awesome everyday.*Hugs*

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Ritu Soni