Being Zen!

Hardships and adversities are inevitable in one’s life. During such times, one feels lost and despair. Some don’t understand on how to overcome, while most of them come out of it taking their own time and move on in life. After all, we are humans. Amount of time one takes to overcome such situations varies from individual to individual. Ultimately, one has to overcome and move ahead, that’s what matters. While going through such phase, one comes across, rather passes various stages. They are:

  1. Denial: One just can’t believe that it could happen to him/her
  2. Anger: One keeps asking oneself why him/her
  3. Bribe: Out of the blue, one who never folded hands in front of Almighty, starts believing in Him
  4. Depression: Most vulnerable stage. But, if managed well, it becomes less difficult to come out.
  5. Acceptance: Ultimately one accepts the harsh reality after experiencing the above mentioned four stages, and moves on in life.

Of course, if one has the support from family and your friends, snapping out of such adverse situations becomes less difficult. So, accept the life reality, incorporate the changes that comes with the acceptance, move forward and be ZEN.

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