There’s a difference between giving up & knowing when you had enough

A big decision such as quitting a job, breaking up with your beloved or getting divorced should never be rushed. When it comes to quitting a job, you should realize how he/she got it at the first place; When it comes to a relationship or marriage, it should be realized that its easy to get into a relationship or get married, its even easier to break up or get divorced, what is difficult is to maintain your relationship. But, there are also things like self esteem, self respect which when taken for granted over a reasonable period of time, one may take the big decision. When taking such decisions, you should ask yourself many times whether you are giving up or is it because you have had enough. There is a remarkable difference between the two.

Giving up is easy and that’s why the phrase ‘Don’t give up so easily’ is so often used. Its a failing on one’s part. You give up when you haven’t tried hard, when you haven’t given your time and energy. Even when there is a slightest possibility of things getting better, you don’t want to.

Where as when you realize you have had enough, it means you have given your all and everything to it; be it your soul, mind, body, but still things did not work. You tried every little possible thing to make things better, you were nothing but a punching bag to your boss/partner/spouse. You followed the path of least resistance because you believed in the passive and peaceful non-confrontational way, in spite of the other person being detrimental towards you. Ultimately, you realize you have been stretched way past your saturation levels. And then you decide to move on and put it all behind you.

The trivial part about both the mindset is, that neither of them is right or wrong. It may be right for the one who takes the decision and wrong for the one because of whom such decision had to be taken. When the time comes, one should have immense will power and inner strength to take such decisions since it is something out of your comfort zone. Such decisions change life’s path and makes a real difference in life.