embed-js is a JavaScript plugin that helps you to embed contents like tweets, emoji, youtube videos, instagram posts etc. in the DOM without much fuss. v5 of embed-js is live now. In short the new features include :

Since this version is a complete rewrite of the library, there is a significant change in the API.

Here is a quick demo.

By default embed-js does nothing. You will need to use plugins to use any functionality.

The current built-in plugins include…

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A Block Formatting Context(BFC) is part of the visual CSS rendering of a web page in which block boxes are laid out. The positioning scheme to which it belongs is normal flow. According to W3C:

Floats, absolutely positioned elements, inline-blocks, table-cells, table-captions, and elements with ‘overflow’ other than ‘visible’ (except when that value has been propagated to the viewport) establish new block formatting contexts.

The above quote pretty much sums up how a block formatting context is formed. But lets redefine it in a way that is easier to understand…

Migrating to Progressive Web Application

Housing Go

Redesign of our mobile website provided us the opportunity to revamp the code base to push performance to the max. With the technological advancement and improved capabilities of modern browsers like Service Workers, IndexedDB, Add to Home Screen, Push Notifications, our aim was to make an app that is fast, performant and reliable.

Here’s how we mastered front-end performance for our progressive web app Housing Go.

Tech Stack and Tools

  • React with Redux
  • NodeJS with Express
  • Babel
  • Webpack

Server Architecture

Initial discussions revolved around using a subdomain like m.housing.com or mobile.housing.com, …

Ritesh Kumar

Lead Software Developer @ Anarock, https://riteshkr.com

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