These were the words of Ernest Shackleton, the 19th century explorer now famous for leading one of the first expeditions into the Antarctic, in a job ad to recruit his expedition team.

As a journey into uncharted territory, a startup is not unlike an Antarctic expedition, save for the darkness and bitter cold. (We’re actually headquartered in sunny Singapore.) But the rest of that ad hits the nail on its head. If that’s what you’re looking for, then may be the right place for you. Here’re a few things about our culture that we believe makes us unique, even within a startup industry known for its unorthodoxy:

Photo from a team retreat.
The motley crew.

1. THE MISSION: is a startup inspired by our personal experiences. Despite the technological advances made in almost every other facet in human life, it remains absurdly hard to find a place to rent or buy in an optimal manner. Our mission is to make the property market radically more transparent and reliable for everyone. We believe in taking the red pill, and working to change industries in the real world instead of being content to dwell in the ivory towers of software, even though that’s where we came from. This is a startup where you’d have a genuine opportunity in making a deep and sustainable impact on society.

2. THE PEOPLE: While still consists of a relatively small and young team of 40+ people (including interns), we take great pride in the diversity of our office. Our #girls Slack channel makes up over 50% of the team, which makes us an outlier in the tech industry. From Vietnamese, American, and Latvian to several other nationalities, from MIT drop-outs to Stanford PhDs, from ex-investment bankers to ex-teachers, from Art History, Mathematics, Neuroscience, to Philosophy degree holders, from game designers and bakers of fabulous cakes to beatboxers and hip hop dancers, there is a place for everyone in our company. The contributions of every segment of our team — engineering, business development, support, marketing, data, and operations — is equally important to us.

The office guest table.

3. THE PRODUCT: Our multinational engineering team is one of the strongest in Singapore, which itself is world-renowned for its data-driven policies and Smart Nation initiative. Our app was officially launched in 2015, and remains a project that is under construction, but we’re extremely excited about the features that we plan to roll out in the future. was designed to be a property search engine rather than a mere marketplace for property listings, which we believe is the right product model. We’ve already received hundreds of unsolicited emails from happy users — a testimony to the effectiveness and potential of our still nascent product.

4. THE OFFICE: We believe that “work-life balance” is the wrong paradigm; they are not opposites, but things which develop in parallel. You can’t focus on solving problems (and we work on many hard problems) without first being healthy in all other areas of your life. Likewise, we hope that your work at will support your personal growth. Every day of our limited time here — both in office and in life — matters. We operate on teamwork, respect, and friendship. Even if you leave us in the future, we hope that your time at will form a productive, meaningful, and special period in your life.

A panel discussion during the launch event. L-R: Evan Chung (VP, DTZ), Eugene Lim (KEO, ERA), Mohd Ismail (CEO, Propnex), Darius Cheung (CEO,, Eduardo Saverin (co-founder of Facebook, Tan Kok Keong (CEO, REMS).

(As of July 2015) Some of the positions that we’re looking to fill include, but are not limited to:

- Entrepreneur Assistant to the CEO
- Product Manager
- Product Designer
- Graphic Designer
- Performance Growth Marketer (Linear)
- Creative Growth Marketer (Non-Linear)
- Agent Relations Manager
- Engineer (iOS)
- Engineer (Android)
- Engineer (Front End)
- Engineer (Backend)
- Talent Acquisition
- Happiness Hero (Support)
- Storyteller (Marketing)
- Super Intern

Applicants for the role of front end engineers should take the front-end mini tech challenge here, while marketing applicants should take the marketing challenge here.

If you believe that we’d be a good fit for you (and vice versa), please drop us a line at jobs (at) We’re consistently flattered by the calibre of our applicants, and we thank you in advance for considering us.


Stickers from 2015.

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