Pie Pops from BAK Family Farms. Photo by Yarcenia Garcia.

BAK Family Farms (pronounced “bake”) is a confectionary on the rise you won’t find in the typical brick and mortar. Rather, this sweet treat bakery is located on a 20-acre Lincoln ranch where horses, cows, chickens and a bustling family of five call home. The candied fruit aromas radiate from the farm’s cozy kitchen.

You’ll quickly notice a decadent scent of fresh peaches, apples, and berries hanging in the air, as a Mom-Preneur diligently uses her tools and determination to create quality pastries from scratch, while her three young girls eagerly watch from behind a kitchen counter.

Photo courtesy of Lil’ Libros

In 2015 the U.S. became the second largest Spanish-speaking country in the world. From location names, daily words, and politicians vying for the Spanish-speaker appeal, Spanish is everywhere. Despite this huge impact on American culture there is limited media that reflects this, especially for young readers.

Patty Rodriguez and Ariana Stein took notice of this need for bilingual literature and started Lil’ Libros. With a passion to ensure their children spoke Spanish, they found others wished the same for their babies. With Lil’ Libros they are celebrating the Spanish language and cultures associated, in colorful, accessible, and educational first-words books.

Photo courtesy of Grounded

With fall in motion, our city is changing colors, but if you’re looking to enjoy the last remnants of summer search no further. Each second Thursday of the month we enjoy seeing the entire community engage over food, drinks, and great music at GATHER: Oak Park. GATHER is made possible with the support of our sponsors and before Thursday’s season finale we’d like to introduce you to Grounded.

Photo by Claudia Rivas

Now and then, we want to escape reality. When life’s routines and negative energy weigh us down, we need reminders that kindness, creativity and truly unexpected marvels remain in the world. Rather than a spa visit or day on the couch, some find a week in the desert to be the solution. This is Burning Man: a global community of overwhelming sights, sounds, and truly serendipitous discovery.

At the center of Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, the temporary metropolis, houses thousands of participants known as “Burners”. …

Photo courtesy of All City Homes

Every GATHER we look forward to visitors experiencing the sights, sounds, and goodies we’ve put together. It takes a village to create the seamless event and without the performers, vendors and public, none of it would be possible. Along with the huge support of our sponsors, GATHER is able to go off with a bang, and we’d like to introduce you to each of those that are a large help.

Say hello to Roy Machado the owner of All City Homes, an independent boutique real estate brokerage based out of Midtown Sacramento and East Elk Grove. For 10 years Machado…

Le Diner en Blanc 2016 in Sacramento. Photo by Roderick Cooney

Exclusive, chic, and secret are just a few alluring words that describe Diner En Blanc. The invitation-only event, where guests don white from head-to-toe, is returning to another hidden location in Sacramento. With thousands vying for an invite to the special October 7 affair, here is a guide on the registration process and a little taste of what to expect when there.

For those that don’t know, the concept began in Paris in 1988 with an emphasis on embracing community and friendship. Traditionally the event occurs in gorgeous sites with refreshing open-air, and with over 70 cities in 35 countries…

Common is coming to town on August 21st, and here are a few reasons you should attend.

Photography by Roderick Cooney

You might have seen “Imagine Justice” advertised on billboards, publicized on posters, and mentioned in about every media outlet around Sacramento within the last few months. It’s practically impossible to scroll down your news feeds without seeing an advertisement for artist Common’s free concert at the Capitol Mall, August 21. But what you may not know, is that he was actually here a few months ago for a private Unseen Heroes event right in the center of downtown Sac.

In May, Common performed at the California Youth Democrats’ #Resistance Street Party with Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom produced by yours truly.

Photo by Yarcenia Garcia

Nestled inside of an old manufacturing building in the heart of Sacramento’s Southside Park neighborhood houses a company that is responsible for pushing the boundaries of impressive sound out into the world — and it practically flies under the radar to most people in the city.

BoomCase, described as handcrafted cases that blend classic boombox looks with the latest in speaker technology, have been featured in magazines like Rolling Stone and popped up in advertisements for Puma and Sprite. …

Photography By Amanda Lopez

Throughout history women of color have been nearly invisible within traditional art and media. Rather than expose diverse images truly representative of our country, females that reflect unrealistic beauty standards are plastered ubiquitously. With the world slowly adjusting to the diverse features that embrace women of color’s strength and grace, there are individuals progressing that agenda further. Adornment by photographer Amanda Lopez and stylist/jewelry designer Tanya Melendez unleashes the unknown power and beauty women of color possess.

While photographing reimagined braids inspired by ancient Africa and Maya civilization, the duo also incorporate nostalgic accessories like bamboo earrings and braid chains…

Chanowk and Judith Yisrael of Yisrael Family Urban Farm. Photo by Yarcenia Garcia

Here is a fun fact for you: The USDA reports that there are 23.5 million people in the US right now living in low-income neighborhoods with limited access to quality food and produce. South Sacramento is home to one of those areas.

And for almost 10 years, Judith and Chanowk Yisrael of the Yisrael Family Urban Farm have made it their mission to change that statistic by teaching their community the basics of growing food in the hood.

We recently took a trip to the Yisrael Family Urban Farm to discuss the importance of access to education, diversity, and the…

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