Democracy is failing

I’ve been banging on for years about the failings of the Democratic and Economic systems the majority of Humanity lives under.

Perhaps I’ve been looking for proof of their success in the wrong places, perhaps I’m too blind to see what’s right under my nose or maybe I’m just too stupid to recognise triumphs when they’re staring me in the face. But honestly, even after all this time, I am still unable to see how any of these systems work cohesively and consistently for the benefit of everyone. Further than that, in the West at least, in spite of their promises of prosperity, there is strong evidence of a deep and overwhelming sense of unhappiness in just about every social level.

Capitalism and Democracy fail to provide even the most basic needs for a huge number of Human Beings across the globe, even those living in supposedly rich countries. For example, Venezuela has larger oil reserves than Saudi Arabia by quite some margin and yet millions in that country do not have the money to pay for basic food or medicine. The truth is these two systems have presided over a world in which just 63 people control the equivalent of the combined wealth of almost 4 billion.

Capitalism requires growth, growth requires consumption, consumption requires making something people are compelled to buy out of other things which all derive from natural resources. That is a fundamental fact because, as yet, not even Trump has the godlike ability to create something from nothing. Everything comes from the Earth and as a result, by clinging to these systems, we are failing not only ourselves but also our home planet whose finite resources, we demand, support us all.

The Justice system is no longer the means by which common people are protected from the deviousness and cruelty of a few bad apples. No, Justice has been hijacked by unscrupulous and often ridiculously ignorant politicians (TTIP) as well as being deployed as the weapon of choice for a select few to control and suppress the many (Nestle, Monsanto etc. etc.).

The leaders of people, whether industrialist or career politician, take pride in the ease with which they are able to harvest the bountiful pleasures life offers. No doubt they swap stories about how brilliant they are at networking and name dropping. Rarely will they speak of the minimum wages they pay their workers or the taxes they evade. After all, talk is cheap and produces fuck all. These people drain whatever they want to fuel their own ambitions, to grow their dominion over their fellows and yet, bizarrely, instead of their greed and chicanery being regarded as bad things they are liberally celebrated. Sadly, whilst they see everything and know everything most of them still choose to change nothing. Of course, we must not forget it is their Democratic Right to be weak.

Will they make changes to the Democratic system on our behalf, to ensure everyone is honestly represented? No, they won’t. Do we need these people on side to dismantle Capitalism and establish a more Essentialist Economic System? Not really. Will these people willingly accept a system of Justice which does not seek to control but to liberate? No, definitely not. Will they join with us in placing Humanity once more at the very heart of existence?

To do what is necessary, to change the world and give the Human species a fighting chance of survival, will take great courage and great strength. Whilst it is a massive challenge, the road to success begins with one person making one small step and if we must, we can do it all for ourselves, thank you.

A good place to start is right here: SpeakOut

Picture: “Styx” by Jei Ma

(C) Rivenrod 2016

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