Wrote a short scene today that I was weirdly proud of. So, here ya go. A little glimpse at my own playwrighting work.

A blanket in the middle of the floor. A boy enters the space. He curls up in it. He luxuriates within its comfort. Safety. Everything is so safe.

But then, a girl enters. She watches the boy. How happy he is. She is not happy. She’s never felt that kind of happiness before. Jealousy.

Burning jealousy. She marches up to the boy. She crouches down. She rips the blanket away from him.

The boy is startled. He is in peril. Tumultuous emotion. What has disturbed such happiness?? He gets up and turns to the girl.

Boy: What the fuck?

Girl: What?

Boy: That’s my blanket.

Girl: So?

Boy: You took my blanket.

Girl: And?

Boy: Give me back my blanket!

Girl: No! It’s my blanket now!

Boy: NO!

Girl: YES!

Boy: How dare you think you can just waltz in here and take MY blanket!?

Girl: It WAS yours. It’s mine now. Finders keepers!

The girl begins to dance around the boy. Frolicking with the most sacred of blankets.

Boy: But you didn’t find it! You stole it! You took it right off of me!

The girl ignores him. Continues to dance, a most perverse and disgruntling sight to the boy.

Girl: Oh, this blanket is sooooooooo nice. Oh, it’s just sooooooo soft. Oh, I’ve never had a blanket sooooooo amazing before!

Boy: Give it back!

The girl stops dancing and turns to the boy.

Girl: What’s the magic word?

Boy: Please…

Girl: Hmmmmmmm…. Nope! Wrong!

Boy: But that’s the magic word! My mom said that’s always the magic word…

Girl: Your mom is a big… fat… LIAR!

Boy: No! She is not! My mom is not a liar!

Girl: Yes, she is!

Boy: Is not!

Girl: Is too!

Boy: Is not!



Pause. The boy shakes with rage. The girl stands solidly.

Girl: I have an idea.

Boy: What?

Girl: A trade.

Boy: For my blanket?

Girl: Yes.

Boy: What is it?

Girl: I will give you my blanket IF you promise to be my eternal slave for always and ever.

Boy: You mean MY blanket and NO. I will not be your eternal slave for always and ever.

Girl: Okay.

Boy: Okay?

Girl: Okay.

The girl gives the boy his blanket.

Boy: Wha- Why?

A beat of confused silence as the girl beams at the boy.

Girl: You’re funny. I like you. I hope, some day, someone likes me as much as you like that blanket.

Boy: Huh?

Girl: You looked so happy. And I wanted to be that happy. So… I was jealous. So, I took your blanket. It’s not very often that someone finds something that makes them feel like that. So safe. I hope that you appreciate it. For now. That comfort. I’ve never had something like that before.

Boy: Yeah. It is nice.

Girl: But you should be more like me.

Boy: What do you mean?

Girl: I don’t need that comfort. It’s just something I want. When I took it from you, you almost cried like a baby.

Boy: Yeah… Because I love this blanket.

Girl: Do you? Or has your brain just tricked you into thinking that?

Boy: Tricked?

Girl: Brains are tricky. So are hearts. They tell you different things. You don’t need that blanket. You want it. And, someday, it’s gonna be gone forever. And it’s absence will hurt, for awhile. But eventually you’ll look back on it, like an old friend.

Boy: I don’t think so. This blanket is gonna last forever!


Girl: We’ll see.

Boy: I want it to last forever…

Girl: I hope that, someday, you can feel the kind of happiness, comfort, and safety that blanket gives you all on your own.

The girl leaves. The boy watches her go. A moment as the boy holds the blanket before him. He wraps it around his shoulders. Safe. For now.

End scene.

“small adventures” — minttu