How to Make a Perfect Trip to Phang Nga Bay?

Have you arrived in Phuket and planning for making the trip exclusive? Did you list out the ‘must-see’ places in Phuket! Well, if you wish to make your trip exclusive then you must not forget to add Phang Nga Bay is ranked as the most mesmerizing destination in Phuket. This bay covers a large area of sea and several islands lying in between Phuket and Phang Nga. You would certainly love to explore Phang Nga Bay and spend a memorable trip. Just plan the trip perfectly and make the trip filled with excitement!

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Know About Phang Nga Bay!

Before planning trips to Phang Nga Bay, it is essential to learn and gain knowledge about Phang Nga Bay. Phang Nga Bay has located 800 kilometers away from Bangkok. This is the world away from the city bustles and the capital city and is ranked as one of the best tropical destinations across the world.

Apart from the limestone cliffs with caves and the collapsed cave systems that are incredibly visually stunning, the vast, breathtaking views of the ocean of the turquoise water would certainly mesmerize you. Phang Nga Bay is a destination blessed with several natural wonders. The vast area lying in its provinces was declared as a national park for its rich diversity of nature on marine life as well as on land.

Astounding Weather Condition Would Mesmerize You

For the idyllic weather condition, this place is accessed by visitors throughout the year. The travelers are having an interest in thrilling and exciting adventures in tropical destinations never miss Phang Nga Bay from their list. Phang Nga Bay tour is indeed worthy of the travelers loving excitement in life.

The Phang Nga Bay National Park is praised for its emerald water, classic karts vistas and forty rocky islands. This destination holds largest mangrove forests in the entire Thailand which is home to over 200 species of mammals that include reptiles, amphibians, etc.

Explore The World In An Adventurous Way!

Phang Nga Bay is a hot tourist destination and planning a day trip from Phuket is indeed worthy. But for reaping enthralls of the area, you require planning something different. The main adventure of this trip is to plan for a boat trip. If you have the least idea about planning a proper and exciting trip, then you can consult tour operators. The tour operators would organize the perfect tour for you.

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Travel Entire Day without Getting Bored

Romantic cruise trip would make your trip magical. You must carry your camera and mustn’t miss capturing the enthralling bliss of nature. You can enjoy snorkeling, sightseeing, and several other water sports at Phang Nga Bay. James Bond Island and Koh Panyee are ranked as the most famous spots in this bay.

Enjoying the entire day on cruise or boat crossing through the limestone islands you can occasionally stop at the beaches to enjoy a bit. This indeed is highly rewarding than traveling in a bus-boat. Don’t miss Ko Tapu that is located in front of James Bond Island! This is a popular rock and is used as a symbol of Phang Nga. You must be smart enough to choose the tour operator that would make your expenses of the trip worthy enough!