It is time for a new political party in the U.S.
Stewart Alsop

We can never create a new party as long as the electoral college exists. This year’s election has brought to light many, many flaws in our current party system. Conservatives, sick of Obama, have flocked to Trump, who has promised them change. In response, liberals have run to the opposite end of the spectrum, to Bernie Sanders, to combat the Republican support for Trump. And why shouldn’t they? All Hillary Clinton seems to be able to do is spout off the same things we’ve had from Obama for eight years. We need change in the country, but we simply are unable to create a new party without at least being able to have a contender in the presidential race from that party, and no third-party candidates will ever be taken seriously if they cannot win votes from the electoral college. The electoral college is screwing with our system. Maybe it was a good idea in the 18th century when not everyone was very educated about politics, but nowadays it doesn’t make any sense anymore. We need to get rid of it. And soon.

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