Three famous cenotes to explore in Quintana Roo

1- Cenote Dos Ojos

Location: North Tulum.

Being a great place to snorkel and go scuba diving, Cenote “Dos Ojos” is Spanish for “two eyes”. This is because it consists on two natural water pools connected by an underwater river. This cenote’s water is very clean.

2- Cenote Escondido

Location: 3 kilometers from southern Tulum.

Cenote Escondido name, “hidden cenote” couldn’t be more correct. It is “hidden” in the Mexican jungle. But despite this fact, it is easy to reach both by car and foot. This cenote has a wooden platform to access its water.

3- Cenote Calavera

Location: between Coba and Playa del Carmen.

This impressive cenote’s name means “skull cenote” and it is also referred as “Temple of Doom”. But don’t be scared, the beautiful formations both out and under water are the key of this cenote’s particular name. A paradise for scuba divers from all over the world.

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