A Letter to Trump Supporters

Dear Trumpenstein Supporters,

It’s okay to stop being stupid. Your guy is going to lose by the biggest landslide in US presidential election history. He’s going to lose for one reason only, because he is totally unqualified and has been conning all of you for over a year. The fix is not in. He will lose fair and square, again, because he is unqualified. There will be no voter fraud as he claims. That’s just your weakling’s way of preparing to whine and stomp his feet after he gets crushed in November.

Most of America figured out Trumpenstein’s con last year after he entered the race. He’s a lightweight. Not just in politics, where his policy knowledge is wafer thin, but also in business, where most of his small fortune was made by licensing his name. So stop being stupid. He’s not a “successful businessman” as many of you believe. He’s a huckster who in an earlier era would have been tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail. The businessman mantra is part of his con, as is his tough guy image. Trumpenstein is not tough. He’s a thin-skinned, narcissist who acts like a petulant child. He is easily provoked and reverts to name-calling. Tough guys don’t give a crap about what people say about them. They pay no heed and continue to do the hard work tough guys do. I imagine many of you consider yourselves tough. How many of you would want to have Trumpenstein on your side in a bar fight? He wouldn’t be there when you needed him. He would be the guy hiding in the bathroom cleaning out his soiled designer underwear.

So stop being stupid. There aren’t enough of you to win the election for Trumpenstein anyway. The numbers don’t add up. Even if every white man and most white women of voting age in the country voted for him Trumpenstein would still lose badly. You’re the minority now. Face it, accept it, and stop being stupid. Your guy is toast. You’re supporting a loser. How stupid is that?


A friend from the other side