Productivity is all about being intentional

Man working on a beanbag with his legs up on a desk.
Man working on a beanbag with his legs up on a desk.
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There was a time when I used to envy the Japanese concept of Inemuri: sleeping on the job.

But now I have the luxury of taking an afternoon nap in my cozy bed without worrying about embarrassment or risking my job.

Having worked from home since early March, I can press the snooze button without worrying about being late. I can spend time eating lunch on my couch while watching TV instead of grabbing a cold sandwich and eating it on the way back to the office.

Does this mean my work ethic is becoming rusty?

Being someone more productive later in the evening, my productivity is currently through the roof — but only when I am actually in the mood to work. …

Break the news with respect

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“I don’t feel that spark anymore,” she said quietly.

When she called me to the cafe for a chat, I had no clue that she would drop the breakup bomb on me.

“What do you mean there is no spark? We can talk this through. There is nothing we can’t fix together!” I responded, dumbstruck.

No response.

I sat there staring at her blank expression as tears rolled down my eyes.

Her silence said it all.

At that moment, I realized it was the end. She had made up her mind. There was no turning back or saving this relationship. A significant chapter in our lives was coming to an end, and our destinies were moving on to a different path. …

My experience and 10 actionable tips for you to succeed

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A place for programming titans who can code even in their sleep! — That’s the image I always had in my head about Google.

When I saw a Linkedin job alert for a Technical Program Manager (TPM) position at Google that matched my work experience, I was delighted.

But I kept no expectations in my head.

With little programming experience, working at big tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon always felt like a far fetched dream. Despite insecurities about my chances of making it into Google, I decided to give it a shot.

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” …

and start investing in accelerating your knowledge instead.

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It was August of 2017.

When my friend showed me how easy it was to invest in Bitcoin, I was instantly hooked.

The obsession was so intense that I could hardly sleep. I spent hours watching random YouTuber’s rave about the next big Crypto that will change humanity. Every crypto coin or token I came across felt an exceptional investment opportunity.

I would eagerly wait for my salary to come in, only to pour it straight into new crypto projects. The euphoria was further fueled as I watched my portfolio rise in value significantly by December 2017.

It wasn’t long before my bubble of becoming an overnight millionaire burst magnificantly as the market came crashing down. …

Traveling provides a philosophical perspective

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As a kid, a 4-day long train journey between the north and south of India marked the start and the end of summer holidays. The trip was a fascinating opportunity to watch changing scenery through the window, have fun with other kids, and enjoy different delicacies as the train stopped at various stations.

Although I have traveled to over 15 countries, no other journey evokes inspiration and emotions like the Indian trains. Between distinct loud horns and clacking wheels is a chaotic journey filled with colorful and memorable experiences. …

4 things I learned from watching a dream opportunity slip away

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There are tons of success stories about how people have prepared and cracked interviews at top tech firms like Google, Facebook, and Amazon. However, hidden behind these success stories are stories of those who didn’t quite make it.

When I got a call from a Google recruiter on a cold morning in January 2020, I was thrilled. For anyone associated with technology, aspiring to work at Google is a dream-come-true opportunity, and I had to give it my best shot.

The interview process was rigorous, as expected. After four months and eight rounds of interviews, juggling between a full-time job and late nights preparing for the interviews, I made it through the last round and was approved by the Google hiring committee. …

It all boils down to poor choices and decisions

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At the beginning of 2020, I resigned from Directorship and handed over all equity I had in the startup.

When we began the startup journey in 2016, we had everything going for us. 4 friends with big dreams who had come together to build on an idea and make their mark on the world. We were selected in a well-known incubator program, we had seed funding, we won various accolades including Best Startup award, and even attended an accelerator program in Switzerland.

Yet, within 18 months into the startup, things started to slide south. Despite a functional prototype, a customer base, and a clear market gap for the product, running the startup just wasn’t viable anymore. …

Distractions that zap your focus

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I know exactly how it feels. When my friends and I received the company incorporation certificate for our startup, the adrenaline rush and the excitement were running high. I still remember the sparkle in our eyes.

Logo design and branding, thinking of job titles, pitching to investors, filing patent applications, conducting customer surveys, finding office space, hiring, building product prototype — the list of tasks and decisions to make are endless. As the days go by, the list piles up rapidly.

In the early days, we strive for perfection and make even small decisions after putting a lot of thought and time into them. …

6 practical life-lessons to successfully manage your startup as a side-hustle

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“What’s your plan this weekend? You want to go out for a drink?” my friend asked.

“I wish! My plans for the weekend are crazy mate,” I replied with a smile.

I didn’t tell my friend all the details but on Friday I had to deal with a major project deadline at the office and then sprint to catch a 9-hour flight to India that evening.

Then on Saturday, pitch my startup idea at a major competition with an audience of over 200 people and handle press requests.

Finally, on Sunday, after taking advantage of every opportunity as I possibly could to push my startup, I took the early morning flight back to London (another 9 hours) so that I can be back just in time to be at work on Monday. …

#3 Dream Is Not That Which You See While Sleeping, It Is Something That Does Not Let You Sleep

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Born into a middle-class family, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam rose to be a world-renowned scientist, 11th and one of the most popular Presidents of India, and a recipient of the highest civilian award by India. His contribution to the Indian space and nuclear programs earned him the title of the ‘Missile Man of India’.

The profundity and tremendous vitality in his thoughts and words have been a source of inspiration for millions during and after his lifetime. His immense affection and popularity amongst students led to the United Nations declaring his birthday (October 15th) as ‘World student’s day’. …


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