GDG Kolkata and KotlinKolkata Meetups November,17

I have two back to back events this month (November 2017). the first one is on 11th November 2017, organized by Google Developers Group Kolkata, Reactive Programming in Android. While the title says it’ll be on Android, I’ll try to cover Reactive Programming as a whole before moving to Android. During the first half of the event, I will give talk on Reactive Programming and on second half of the event (i.e. after lunch), I will conduct a workshop for Reactive Programming in Android. So, don’t miss your seat, register by filling up this Google Form.

The second event is on 25th of November, 2017, by Kotlin Kolkata UG, we named the event as A Day with Kotlin, this event will be bigger than all previousKotlin Kolkata UG events. I would be talking on Kotlin Coroutines, Kotlin on Android and more. Register here.

Also don’t forget to have a look at my book Reactive Programming in Kotlin Follow my Amazon Author Page

Originally published at Rivu Chakraborty.