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We’re all in this club and it sucks.

I fucking hate cancer. It’s robbed me. It’s robbed you. 10 years ago it took my mother. Pancreatic cancer. Fast. Painful. Without mercy. Breast cancer just took my friend JJ. Again, fast. Painful and without mercy. My buddy Drew is currently fighting stage 4 prostate cancer. He’s tough. Cockroach tough. If anybody can keep the life thief at bay it’s Drew. And he’s working his ass off to make sure it does.

The thing is, as I/we hope and pray, there aren’t any guarantees. You can only do your best. An all consuming task. Not only for the person who is sick but our friends, family and loved ones as well. It’s brutal.

I love media. I love media for the power it possesses. I love how it can affect change and inspire when the conventional thinking is, there isn’t any.

I found the film below online. Watch. Be moved and inspired.