Why aren’t the Sun’s rays parallel on Earth?

Conversation with NormalHuman01

[10:29PM] rixlayer: and you temme how the rays angle out the way it does, instead of being parallel considering it’s from 93million miles away

[10:31PM] nh01: A sphere facing a light source.. the side the light falls on.. It won’t be parallel.

[10:31PM] rixlayer: whaat
[10:32PM] rixlayer: the rays would be parallel, just the upper one would hit the surface a little later
[10:32PM] rixlayer: distance is different, still parallel

[10:32PM] nh01: Well the sun is super massive right.. I’m sure the light can cover half a hemisphere.

[10:32PM] rixlayer: and.. the difference in distance wouldn’t matter, as it would be like 3k, compared to 93m
[10:33PM] rixlayer: no
[10:33PM] rixlayer: wait you underestimate 93M km, and overestimate the size of the earth compared to the sun
[10:33PM] rixlayer: sphere model
[10:33PM] rixlayer: i’ll send you a scaled model of the solar system, check it out on pc

[10:34PM] nh01: Ok

[10:35PM] rixlayer: it might take a while, but i want you to manually scroll through it atleast from sun to the earth

[10:35PM] nh01: Dude but seriously the all the space researchers a over the world..is at unity in making this thing a hoax

[10:35PM] rixlayer: or upto pluto, it’s pretty cool actually
[10:35PM] rixlayer: PixelSpace Solar System

[10:37PM] nh01: What does this have to do with flat earth ?

[10:37PM] rixlayer: it’s not about flat earth
[10:38PM] rixlayer: it’s about how the suns rays are parallel af at earth

[10:39PM] nh01: I see..

[10:39PM] rixlayer: temme when you check it out

[10:40PM] nh01: Dude how can the sun rays be parallel

[10:40PM] nh01: Its again a sphere light going in all directions..

[10:40PM] rixlayer: you’ll understand when you’ve gone through the model
[10:53PM] rixlayer: dude, earth is 12,756km in diameter
[10:54PM] rixlayer: and the sun is 149.6 million km away from earth
[10:55PM] rixlayer: imagine the earth had a perfectly circular orbit, (i know it doesn’t in the sphere model), then the radius of that circle is 149,600,000 km
[10:57PM] rixlayer: that’s a circumference of 939,488,000 km

[10:59PM] nh01: Uhmm ok ?

[11:00PM] rixlayer: now tell me, how wide an angle would a 12,756km wide dot make on a circumfrence of 939,488,000km circle, from a point 149,600,000 km away

[11:01PM] nh01: Idk

[11:02PM] rixlayer: get a paper xD

[11:02PM] nh01: Chuck it bro

[11:03PM] rixlayer: draw it
[11:03PM] rixlayer: lolllll, you can’t handle your own model
[11:03PM] rixlayer: comeon, basic geometry

[11:03PM] nh01: Too lazy.. we’ll talk later in church or college..

[11:04PM] rixlayer: ok, tl:dr, all sun’s rays that hit the earth entire diameter, are pretty freaking parallel, it’s not a flat earth thing, it’s a known fact about the ball earth

[11:08PM] nh01: I see.

[11:08PM] rixlayer: Side 1: 149,600,000 opposite angle: 89.998°; Side 2: 149,600,000 opposite angle: 89.998°; Side 3: 12,756 opposite angle: 0.00489°
[11:10PM] rixlayer: 0.00489° is the angle between the line from the northpole-sun and southpole-sun
[11:10PM] rixlayer: that is not considering the orange shape, if you consider that, it’s even lesser
[11:10PM] rixlayer: 0.00489° is nowhere close to the angles seen in the sky lol
[11:11PM] rixlayer: so that’s where “science” comes up with crepuscular rays, light bending and star wars stuff

[11:12PM] nh01: I’m screenshotting this

[11:13PM] rixlayer: weird how those you call flatearthers know more about your ball earth model right? screenshot worthy I’d say too, if i were you

[11:15PM] rixlayer: just saying, but those i just calculated with values from nasa

[11:15PM] nh01: Well I wasn’t interested in astro physics..before.
Its not lik I know stuff

[11:17PM] rixlayer: which is why i take time to explain it, while you get comfy and defensive

[11:20PM] rixlayer: that was a triangle though, three points being sun, northpole, southpole
[11:22PM] rixlayer: and the angles at the pole ends are 89.998° which is like so so very slightly away from 90°

[11:22PM] nh01: That means they are parallel ?

[11:23PM] rixlayer: so there you have a triangle with two so so close to 90° angles
[11:24PM] rixlayer: do you wanna try drawing two 89.998° angles facing each other at each end of a straight line?
[11:25PM] rixlayer: where do you think those two lines are even gonna meet?

[11:26PM] nh01: Which is side 3 btw ?

[11:26PM] rixlayer: sun to north pole
north pole to south pole
south pole to sun
[11:29PM] rixlayer: if the base line you draw is 10cm long, then the other two lines are gonna meet 1,17,278cm away, that’s like a kilometer away, 1.17km to be accurate.
[11:30PM] rixlayer: now if that’s not parallel enough for you, you have the worst ocd ever

[11:30PM] nh01: Ok bro we’ll take later..
Its all going past my head.

[11:30PM] rixlayer: cool, later then.