Do you have killer android app idea and want to begin development process? Here are a few tips that would help you in converting your idea in reality.

1. Choose the Correct Platform and Android OS Version:

Before start developing an Android app, you need to have a look at the available platforms. And also it is the must to decide which platforms you are going to support for your app. Remember that these platforms may run different Android OS versions and may vary in their screen sizes & resolution.

2. Choose an IDE:

Development of Android apps is not that easy! Depending on experience you can use existing IDEs. These tools support you in setting new Android projects, creating user interfaces, debugging your apps, etc.

3. Write High-Quality Code: After choosing the development environment and platform to support you can begin with your app. It is must keep your code according to the coding standards.

4. Test!: You need to ensure that your code delivers the desired functionality. There are many tools available to test your app. You can also test the app on different smart-phones and tablets. Every line of code should work well, therefore, it is essential to ensure whether the code is delivering the expected functionality or not.

A good android app development company can help you in developing the best applications.

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