Why Choose WordPress For Non-Profit Websites?

Non-Profit-Organisations and Fund-raisers don’t want to waste their money as they don’t earn for self-profit. Most web development companies consider WordPress as the best CMS for non-profit websites because of its suitability for such sites. Here’s highlighted a few reasons why WordPress could be the choice.

Open Source And Free: WordPress is the open source platform, and a lot of free plugins and themes are available which makes it a cost-effective solution for the non-profit organisations.

Availability of NGO centric Themes: WordPress offers a lot of NGO centric themes which can be used as it is or you can hire any WordPress development company to customise it.

Secure and Safe: Non-profit websites needed to be secure, so WP is good in that way also. It’s a safe CMS and trusted by many major agencies all across the globe. Therefore, it’s an ideal choice for non-profit websites.

Powerful SEO: Your CMS can make or break your SEO campaign so you should choose a powerful one, which could help you in getting better SEO results.

Free Form Plugins: Forms are an integral necessity for non-profit organisations. WordPress offers free form plugins like Ninja and contact form 7 that helps you to build customised forms for your site.

Numerous non-profit organisations are using WordPress for their website because of its incredible features. It won’t be surprising if these number will increase in near future as WordPress is still improving and becoming more feature rich.

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