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Not everyone is going to come across the content that you have to offer via your podcasts. There is a whole lot of other audience that might prefer reading rather than listening to podcasts. Or people who spend most of their time scrolling down Instagram but not on podcasting channels.

Every piece of content you frame takes time and effort. Repurposing that content the right way will help you increase your reach and come across potential audience through different means.

Blog posts :

The easiest way to repurpose your podcast is to make a blog post out of it. There are various tools (both paid and free) that can help you convert your podcasts into a transcript. …

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Starting a podcast could be intimidating given it’s your first step into the podcasting world. Until and unless you have someone with similar goals, who is ready to collaborate with you and start a partnered podcast, it is the solo podcast that you have to go with.

Hosting a solo podcast is no piece of cake. You have no-one to talk to, consult, and exchange ideas. It could be a bit time consuming as you are alone and have to cover all the domains all by yourself.

But, there is a loophole!

A solo podcast equals to total and complete freedom. It’s your show and you have absolute control over the entire episode. You don’t have to worry about someone else making a mistake and covering up for them because it is going to be just you sitting in front of that mic. …

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One of the reasons you clicked on this article could be to understand the major reasons why your audience is not listening to your podcasts, or it could be due to the fact that my banner had a weird looking skeleton that caught your attention!

There could be many reasons why your content isn't performing the way you expected to be, some of them could be :

Your podcasts aren’t discoverable :

What is the point of spending hours on making a podcast when it isn’t even in front of the people you desire? …

grow business podcasting
grow business podcasting

Building real relationships with your customers is important if you want your business to succeed. Podcasting is one of the ways to cover the gap between you and the audience and to develop one on one connections.

Podcasting can do wonders especially in the educational sector, but it’s not just limited till there.

Say, if you are a gym owner, having a podcast about fitness and giving away tips regarding good eating habits can help you spread a word about your business.

Super Easy to Create :

Creating video content might seem like a lot of work. You need to have extensive knowledge about editing the videos which take up a lot of time.

podcast formats
podcast formats

We all have that one friend that everyone loves. Apart from the friend who buys us food, we often develop a liking for a person based on how he/she interacts with us. The more we think about it, the more we realize how important it is.

Similar is the case when it comes to podcasting. You can either narrate the content you wrote while podcasting or you can leave your listeners with a sense of happiness at the end of each episode.

All your efforts of making a podcast can go in vain without having a defined format as it all narrows down to how you decide the flow of your content to be. …

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Is it worth to take all the pain of creating content and going through the process of recording and editing when you don’t get your desired Audience size?

Well, it might give you the feeling to give up, but it takes patience and consistency to reach your target audience. Almost every podcaster wonders about different ways to reach out to more people and make their content more discoverable.

Here are 10 different ways to ensure that listeners come back to your channel for more content and thus helps you grow your audience.

High-Quality podcast :

The most basic and important thing to keep in mind is to create a high-quality podcast. It is through the power of your podcast quality only, that you can either hook your audience and them your loyal listeners, or push them away. Along with creating great content, having a good sound quality is also equally important. Make sure to use Best podcasting equipment in the market from the very starting to get a kick start. …

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