4 Reasons why I don’t Organise my Inbox

My friend, Cerosh recently wrote an article recently about “HOW I CLEARED MY UNREAD 3000+ EMAILS”. He has always been a guy, who seem to have a problem with messed up inbox. He sort of compares organised inbox with productivity, for some reason.
 That made me think, why I don’t organise my emails at all. Why I don’t really mind having a messed up inbox. Why it doesn’t seem to affect my productivity.

As you can see from the screenshot above, I really don’t delete many emails or try to organise it much. Plus I am kind of in love with that chaos.

So here’s a list of reasons, why I don’t believe in spending time organising or clearing up my inbox :

  1. I am an information junky, so I subscribe to everything interesting and I have a huge list of interesting things in life. Everything from travelling, permaculture, seo, digital marketing, gadgets, etc... Even though some amazing websites do disappoint you by sending bu****it emails, it’s mostly worth it.
  2. Being a digital marketer and as someone who loves analysis. I also get to learn how companies do email marketing. Its an amazing way to analyse email marketing trends and learn from the best. I have used the knowledge to increase subscription and open rates for my emails.
  3. That brings us to how it helps with spying on my competitors. I recently launched a SAAS startup called SmartSERP and we have some established competitors. I subscribe to all my competitors, in order to stay updated and learn of all their development without actively trying. Who knew newsletter subscription was an amazing way to spy on your competitor. It also help with understanding the type of audience they are targeting and how they handle their audience. Especially startups can learn a lot about their target industry by subscribing to competitors.
  4. Time is precious, you can do better things with that time. For some, the problem is with having lack of order in life, due to the chaos in Inbox. Chaos is the law of nature and Order is the dream of man. Maintaining order is a constant fight, which will suck up a lot of time. Either you have to make a lot of sacrifice by not subscribing to interesting stuffs, just for the sake of clean inbox or you have to spend a lot of time going deleting and organising your inbox. For people who take productivity seriously, that might not be a fight worth taking.

Enjoy the Chaos!!!

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