Multi-tenant ecommerce platform

Multi-tenancy stratergy in which single instance of a software application serves multiple customers. It gives the ability to enable tenants to share and customize sections of their eCommerce solution. Multi-tenant solutions enable an innovative business stratergy for enterprises because they allow development and maintenance costs to be shared. It gives you the ability to enable tenants to customize sections of their e commerce solution. It allow enterprises to give access to their full-scale software to their respective vendor, whom may not typically be able to afford such platforms. Multi-front Marketplace included here which have lots of vendor features and tools that successful business need to grow. It allows the business to easily manage distributors’ online stores while giving our distributors the ability to quickly launch their own branded online stores and mobile websites. It also include lots of features as they have the ability to share and integrate products, catalogs, promotions, branding, and more with distributors and vendors for selling within each store and include Centralized administration for distributors and vendors to easily manage.

Each industry has unique business requirements when it comes to deploying an eCommerce strategy in which the Multi-front with online Marketplace capabilities allows our organization to deploy strategies developed around different scenarios that are then personalized to our specific online business needs. Marketplace can be used for many existing business models, especially those that practice B2B2C and the supporting models include manufacturers -> Distributors -> End Users, Organization -> Affiliates (Independent Agents, Partners) -> End Users, Franchisor -> Franchisee -> End Users, Organization -> Customer -> Users.

Distributed Agent eCommerce is an innovative eCommerce strategy developed for businesses looking to increase sales through improved enablement of their agent channel, this eCommerce strategy enables us to provide our agents with the features and capabilities of Multifront while allowing them to produce more personalized online shopping experiences. Online Franchising eCommerce gives companies the ability to retain control of their franchises while allowing franchisees to perform day-to-day management of their eCommerce website. The Augmented platform gives companies currently running a legacy enterprise platform the ability to keep their existing platform but still leverage the dynamic capabilities of Multifront. For more