Merging Technological Phenomena- The Era Of Quantum Computing And Smart Technology

Riya Mehta
12 min readJul 11, 2019

Take a moment and think. The greatest applications of technology were created by taking something I like to call an “unconventional” path, an ode to being original and creative.

When we take a look at products like nanosensors, innovating already existing appliances, or even electron microscopy created through the quantum theory/mechanics, we start to realize that every technology is built on one ever so familiar concept, the fact that we can make something out of nothing, create the greatest inventions known to mankind out of thin air.

Imagine stepping into a world where computation is excelled at a much faster rate, or where features from quantum computing technology can be applied to smart devices. Seems inevitable doesn’t it? You see, our human race has adapted to this very technique of combining technological identities, as it results in an identity of our own. It is unfathomable that we once pictured a life without the uses of quantum bits or smart appliances, so we now feel secure in merging these technologies together and calling them a product of our time, an outcome of futuristic innovation.

I like to believe that we shouldn’t discontinue our progress after discovering a certain theory or technological figure, but instead work to adapt that technological application with other extensive innovations. This article is a mere representation of merging 2 innovative fields dominating the technological market, the era of smart technology and quantum computing, areas of technology that are nothing but the result of immortal innovation.

Now, before diving into the applications and impact of these 2 merging fields, let’s understand them as separate entities as well.

Smart Technology- A World Built On Personification

Look around you. Everywhere you turn, there is always a device, an appliance that was constructed through the basis of “self-based analysis”. In fact, the term “SMART” is derived from the acronym “Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology”. In other words, we have given the platform for inanimate objects to now adopt human characteristics and even hold the ability to guide our behavior, thus the term…

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