5 Fashion Brands for Men: Know What is a Great Choice this Festive Season

A fact about men; men love fancy cars, suave homes and a bunch of loyal friends for life. A little known fact about men; they secretly love fashion and adore designer labels. Only with a little bit of guidance, they can differentiate between the shoddy and the sleek. Here are a few tips about selecting some of the finest fashion brands for men which can ensure a complete wardrobe makeover!

Men who love fashion and want to stay on top of it will swear by Gucci. This Italian fashion label has undergone a massive change after Alessandro Michele has taken over in 2015. Now Gucci has redefined fashion in every possible manner and challenging the so-called ‘archetypal menswear’ making a lovely fusion of romantic and eclectic. However, some timeless classics such as craftsmanship, fabric selection and attention to details remain unparalleled.

The Guccis and Armanis

If you talk about Gucci, can Louis Vuitton be far behind? This French luxury brand is probably one of the iconic labels which have enhanced the elegance quotient of men’s fashion. Who could have thought that a trunk maker of the 19th century will completely redefine and change men’s fashion scenario? The LVMH accessories are simply to die for! The newest additions such as the cool sneakers and streetwear collection which are sophisticated and dignified are setting a new benchmark in men’s fashion.

It is said that you can say a lot of about a man’s wardrobe if it includes an Armani suit. This Italian designer who is well-known for his impeccable tailoring in his suits has come a long way. But they have never compromised on the quality of fabrics, nor have they made a dent on their excellent craftsmanship. They have a reputation of being immaculate and they intend to retain it forever.

Buoyant in Burberry

Burberry, one of the most-loved fashion labels of Britain have always experimented with their cuts and fabrics. Including lace and tech wools into men’s fashion, they have challenged the obvious. If you do not own a trench coat by Burberry, your wardrobe is incomplete. The latest addition, the graphic prints have taken men’s fashion to a different level altogether.

When one talks about polo shirts, you cannot miss the name of Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren has always retained its forte; the casual chic, from colourful polos to casual cable-knits, Ralph Lauren has made its place in men’s wardrobe. And when you shop, do not miss the blazers, chinos and cardigans!

However, several Indian brands too have come up. When you are shopping for brands keep in mind that customised clothing is the best option. There are several customised tailoring outfit in the city — however, if you are looking for customised one — Sasya at Wood Street is a great option. Check them out to get the best of clothes and look dapper this pujas!

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