Remembering Prakash Chand Surana -The Man Behind Making Of The Surana Empire

Prakash Chand Surana, lovingly known as Prakashji was a man of few words, the creator of Surana Empire, he was however a humble man with extra-ordinary humane traits that touched the lives of millions working under him. The Nation, a journal that features story on Indian achievers wrote on him an article which describes Prakash Surana as “A simple man, a believer, an achiever, a family man and a real gem of Rajasthan.”

Under the royal patronage of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, founder of Jaipur, the family of Suranas was invited from over Delhi in 1735 to preserve and promote the intricate art of handcrafted gold, enamel, kundan, diamond and precious stone jewelry. Seth Rajmalji Surana spearheaded the entire trade while Prakash Chand Surana imbibed the business in his early childhood days when we used to sit beside his grandfather on the gaddi and see how he functioned. This training gave him a firm conviction about the industry which he later expanded throughout India and gave Surana Jewelers the much prestigious title of the best heritage Indian jewelry store, popular with international celebrity brigade as Princess Diana and others.

Reviving the Art of Kundan Meenakari

At the age of 20, Prakash Chand Surana was completely involved in the jewelry business. His innate appreciation of art and cultural inclination naturally propelled him towards the art of fine jewelry. Under his guidance the Suranas revived the art of Kundan meenakari, due to which thousands of craftsmen are employed now.

The Journey of Prakash Chand Surana

Born in 1939, Prakash Chand Surana has literally seen the Indian Jewelry industry take its baby steps and become a world leader in the past 60 years. Growing from strength to strength and achieving great feats, Prakash Chand Surana has ensured that the modernity does not dissolve the basic ethos of Bhuramal Rajmal Surana — that is trust and honesty with their patrons.

Prakash Chand Surana who died in a cardiac arrest on 5th February 2015 is always remembered by his beautiful family, his wife Shobha Surana, four children and thousand of ever grateful employers who had the fortune of knowing and working with him. His sons Chandra and Pracheer, as well as his grandson Prashant Surana are now carrying forward their father’s legacy of taking Surana jewelers to new heights.