The Best Place to Invest In Property — Real Estate in Mohali

Mohali is nowadays one of the hottest places where most of the people want to invest looking from every aspect. Among the top reasons for Mohali real estate are planned infrastructure and a calculated position. Mohali is transforming into an urban city with so many residential and commercial projects coming up.
Real estate in Mohali has been recognised and being developed as a fully fledged market for many residential and commercial properties. Real estate developers in Chandigarh are also coming in Mohali with their new projects. Mohali is a part of the tri-cities- Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali. It was billed as an extension of Chandigarh. Mohali shares its border with Chandigarh but has finally emerged as a separate city with an independent identity. Investors of every segment are looking forward to real estate in Mohali. There is a wide variety of residential properties like 3BHK-5BHK apartments, flats, luxury villas and what not.

Real estate market in Mohali is witnessing a boom and real estate developers in Chandigarh are facing rising demand of properties day to day. Every day the city is seeing launch of several projects which includes both residential and commercial. The property prices have risen tremendously in this part and are attracting many investors. As the construction and demand of real estate in Mohali has just started and there is a big opportunity lying in future. Mohali is projected as the city with a very distinct image. There are as many commercial properties in Mohali as there are of residential.

The climate is also one of the factors which attract investors to invest in Mohali real estate. The weather is always pleasant and charming. Commercial real estate in the city includes construction of 5 star hotels, office space which are luxurious, etc. These commercial spaces also are equipped with world class facilities. Megaplexes, hospitals, schools and malls also fall in this category. Mohali is commercially viable option to invest in real estate. This investment is also beneficial for companies as people from such small cities move to big cities in search of jobs and career opportunities.

If you are looking for residential property in Mohali for investment purpose, then is a wide range of options available for you. There are many affordable flats and 3 BHK apartments in Mohali which suits every investor’s pockets and if you are looking for luxury house then villas and penthouses which will satisfy your needs and will give you premium facilities to live a comfortable and luxurious life.