Five Things to Check before Buying Hyundai Car Insurance

Hyundai cars are popular among masses for their compact built-up and easy manoeuvrability. The company has a legacy to produce small segment cars that are ergonomic, sturdy and light on maintenance. Not only do these cars offer better mileage, but also they provide better resale value.

Ranging from the popular hatchback Santro to the luxury variant Elantra, each of the car has a unique build and make. That’s why they need a dedicated car plan that offer comprehensive protection to the different variants. Hyundai Insurance from Royal Sundaram offers such diversified plans that promise complete car protection.

In order to choose the right plan that best suits your Hyundai Car, it is recommended to check these five parameters.

1> Decide the Type of Cover

The cover opted decides the premium of the car plan. Collision cover is the most basic cover offered by the insurer. It will offer protection against damages caused due to collision with another vehicle. Similarly, a comprehensive cover with pay off for damages inflicted due to natural disasters or self. In addition to this, personal injury protection will provide reimbursement in case of injury.

2> Calculate the IDV properly

Indemnity Value or IDV decides the amount of cover your policy will offer. IDV varies from car to car, and insurer to insurer. It is affected by various factors, of which few are in control of the car buyer. Choose the insurer that offers highest IDV for your vehicle.

3> Check the Deductible

Deductible is the upfront amount you for the car repairs, before your claim gets filed. Higher deductible guarantees lower premium and vice versa. Calculate the deductible with the help of a financial advisor.

4> Look for discounts

Most of the cars have discount offers for buying a fresh policy. Generally, insurers grant discounts only when you have certain safety features installed in the car. Always install such safety devices in your ride to avail such concessions in premium.

5> Quick Claim Procedures

This is the most important factor to check while buying car insurance. If your insurer offers quick claim procedure, then you will not have to bear the stress of paying huge upfront amount to get the repairs done.

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