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A great number of products we mundanely interact with, exist within our physical reality, be it a door handle or a car steering. Field of (Tangible) Product Design is well equipped with clearly defined guidelines to design such products. Also, physical limitations of the human body are thoroughly gauged in Ergonomics.

But there is a different kind of product that does not consume the attention of our physical-selves only. Rather, it deals more with the human MIND. …

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“ इंसान को बनाने के बाद जो अनुभूति भगवन को हुई होगी, वैसे ही आज इंसान को हो रही है, कृत्रिम बुद्धिमत्ता को बनवाकर ! ” वो आस्तिक था और AI प्रेमी |

“ कृत्रिम नहीं, रचित बुद्धिमत्ता… ” ये भाईसाब Neural Netwrok के महारथी थे |
“… और भगवान नहीं, सृष्टि-रचेता ” पर आस्तिक तो पक्का नहीं थे |

“ जो भी हो, बात अनुभूति की है ”

“ तुम निर्मिती हो, और तुम्हारे निर्माता की अनुभूति की बात कर रहे हो | वैसे ही तुम जब निर्माता बन जाते हो, तो तुम्हारे अनुभूति की बात तुम खुद नहीं कर सकते बल्कि तुमने जो निर्माण किया है वह करेगा…

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Flammarion engraving

With a recent shift in the attitude and approach, the HCI community has started considering digital technology as a material to shape and build thoughtful interactions. Algorithm can be seen as an intrinsic component of this programmable digital material.

This indispensable part of a computing machine has always been responsible for shaping and transforming computers, their behaviour, their usage and upto an extent their form as well.

Recent developments at this atomic level component have started questioning (& discarding) the conventional way of interacting with digital computing artefacts. …


riyaz sheikh

HCI research practitioner, faculty member at Srishti Institute of Art Design & Tech. Bangalore. I teach and practice design research & Interaction Design

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