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By now, everybody (and their mom) has about Tesla’s new bulletproof cat called the Tesla Cybertruck. However if you have have been living under a rock and have no clue as to what a Cybertruck is, then you can catch up here, here, here, here, here, and…you get the idea. The most memorable aspect of the Tesla Cybertruck unveiling was it’s bulletproof capabilities effectively demonstrated by Franz taking a sledge hammer to the doors. …

Hello and welcome to our blog here at SocialGear; I’m Riz Nwosu. Smart brands know the importance and value of Instagram to their businesses and how it could help them spread awareness about their products or services. This article will walk through effective strategies on how to blow up on instagram and build the page you deserve.

Today, people have changed their perspective as to how they view and engage with Instagram brands as opposed to 2, 3 years back. In this post we’re going to show you practical tips on how to blow up on Instagram in 2019

Ready? Let’s…

At age 15, I was among a team of developers hired by the Nigerian government to build the official website for its embassy in the Netherlands. Up until then, I considered my coding prowess a mere hubby. However a chance encounter with the then Nigerian Ambassador to the Netherlands would change my life and take me down a path that ultimately led to Uber funding my new startup Refresh Ads.

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Nigerian Embassy in the Netherlands official website Circa 1995–2007.

Other paying gigs quickly followed and before long, I was earning a pretty good living for a 16 year old. …



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