How I get my daily inspirations

People found inspirations from various channels and ways. Offline and online. From colors, textures, stories, taste, people to experiences, the list goes on.

I consume a lot online. As a heavy digital consumer and creator, I always look at different places to find inspirations for any new projects or the one that I’m currently working on. I believe in best practices and creativity. My favorite place is to go online where I can browse design websites, read online magazines, shopping websites and watch videos.

This is my list of daily inspirations

Instagram, yes off course. My favorite social feed tool. What is better than spending time oozing on beautiful and gorgeous square lovin’ visuals on food, coffee, people, clothing and everything. Did you know its the best place for foodie? I can waste an hour everyday drooling on the food.

Dribbble for my pixel-perfect inspirations. This is a show and tell platform for designers in 400 by 300 shots. A perfect hangout for designers to get inspired. You can view popular ‘shots’ (a dashboard collection) from top designers and design teams in the world. You can find an awesome and talented community.

The Journal on MR — I wish I can afford stuffs from them.
A sister website (or a brother perhaps) of, the world’s premier online luxury fashion destination. MR Porter is all about the men style. What else is good? The Journal section — a brilliant way of marketing products and lifestyle together. Great content helps to sell great products.

Monocle, a magazine on global trends for business, economy and lifestyle. Every single issue are filled with really good content. Abundance of innovative ideas — from the best people and places. From politics to sport and food.

Coffee place. I’m a heavy coffee drinker and I love hanging out at cool coffee places. Preferably a quiet one. I’m a fan of sleek, clean, minimal and non-pretentious design.

FYI TV network —for your inspiration on the couch ☺They have innovative TV shows covering range of the current lifestyle. Epic Meal Empire — not your average cooking show and a few cool home improvement stuffs.

TRNK NYC — I love their collection. Curated items are unique on the online store. A very good storytelling on interesting people (mostly in NYC) — from chefs, designers, curator to creative director.

Feeling inspired now? What is your list?

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