The Contents You Love

Every content that you consume is highly systematic and well-planned to trick you into a consumptive monkey. It can be insanely specific for the targeted market and highly measurable. Content marketing is exceptionally effective for its long-term effects on people. Thanks to all the capitalism that provides and give us free contents!

My friend spending his break time in a bird cage reading book at a hip corner. ipronounceyou

Why do you check your Facebook, Instagram feed first thing in the morning? Why not instead of that, drink cold infused water, stretch your body, think of your to-do lists for the day, make yourself happy, and have a crazy breakfast! There are lots of techniques to start and make your day efficient. Tech is one area in which things are always changing, especially in the arena of digital marketing. The tech rotation in revolving systems and new technology are ridiculously expeditious, we can’t learn or crack the impact of it in months because we got caught up in our routines.

Me with my bad-ass flip-flop buying weekly groceries.

Stories you’ve shared, videos you’ve watched, posts you’ve liked, photos you’ve commented, articles you’ve read;

it’s a loss of your profit, it’s a gain for the topmost, the corporations, the countries, the 4 mysteries pyramid cycle for the world economies (I’ll explain this later in the other post). It’s fun and soothing for us to consume the content we love, either for killing time or just taking a break. But life isn’t always fun ma homie.

If we carefully choose the content, it could be a suitable way for us to leverage ourselves with new knowledge. But be very careful with your time.

People are going to want your time. That’s the only thing you can’t buy. I can buy anything I want, basically, but I can’t buy time. — — Warren Buffet

The content you hate can become the content you love if you know the wider purpose of its content.

Take a closer look at your media sources spend and spot which ones is more relevant to yourselves according to your goals, not on your personal preferences. Make a priority and use the right tools. Last month I was curious about the difference reading a physical book and on tech devices, and it turns out to be the same. It’s the reading process that matter. I’m not comfortable bringing my books around every day, and I don’t have the privilege of time to read. So, I read everywhere, in the waiting line, in my ciggie break, in a boring meeting, etc. using my cell phone.

Types of content that suits you well;

There are a million ways to communicate the content itself. There’s a two hours’ solid documentary video, there’s a short-form video you can watch during a meeting and you’ll be able to understand all the message without any audio, there’s a web-series video that will make you laugh your ass off, there’s a blog post if you want to get closer to the creator, images, infographics, memes, newsletters, newsjacking, testimonials, I could go on all crazy with this stuff. But the point is only this; pick the type of content that suits you well based on your habit, situation, and goals.

Why do you need to be pickier about the content you love?

Your brain has its capacity to absorb and digest new things, so, don’t waste any headspace for the unimportant things.

You’ll be more cautious about these things once you know the value of your time, you’ll be able to know how much is your time worth per hour. If your plan is to have a crazy ass mansion in a few years, you need to stay healthy. Health before wealth, Uh-huh? Well, at least that’s what Buffet said.

I gave up my Netflix, YouTube, Movies time so I can allocate those times to read, learn, and work. And also, I didn’t change my routine when it comes to weekends, unless… I’m extremely hangover or sick or too lazy. I gave up the content I love to reach my goal faster. But again, it all depends on your purpose. So, pick one, like now.

There’s a substantial knowledge about content marketing. Another level to spoof. This is just based on my daily life basis analysis.

Understand the value of your time.

Have a definite sense of direction. Everything you do must be consistent with your goals. Your day to day actions should help you move closer to your vision. Adjust the content you love to the right track.

Thanks for reading. 💃🏻🙌🏻💂🏻‍‍

Well then, cheerio ol’ chap! 🍻🍻