Strategic Partnership with Evolved Digitals

May 17 · 2 min read

Casual Gaming is one of the most popular types of gaming categories in the world. Number of casual gamers are more than transitional, hardcore and pro gamers combined.

Casual Browser Gaming revenues topped 4.3 billion USD in 2018 alone

Our vision not only includes providing more opportunities to gamers to enter esports space and make it a viable career choice, but also redefining gaming career as a whole.

That is why we’ve decided to enter the market through casual gaming first. Initially, our platform will be released with casual games, attracting both existing crypto users (Majority of whom are casual gamers) & introducing the use of crypto to ones who are not into cryptocurrencies. We will partner up with number of game development studios to increase platform adoption with casual gamers.

This will have benefits, making it easier to penetrate pro gaming industry lateron, including:

  1. BRAND AWARENESS — By the time we enter pro/video gaming space, we will be the leading crypto gaming platform, not only in TRON ecosystem, but globally. We will become the one-stop platform for users to play using cryptocurrencies.
  2. PUBLIC ADOPTION — Non-crypto users will be introduced to cryptocurrencies, which will benefit not only Tron Esports Platform, but crypto industry in general. One of the things lacking today in the crypto world is general public’s understanding of the benefits cryptocurrencies can provide.

Evolved Digitals is a game development studio that focuses on developing casual games and has over 2 million players. Founded in 2016, they have been working on web browser games that have been played by over 100 million players worldwide.

Our strategic partnership with them will be a crucial step towards the popularization of the platform. They will be introducing RIZEX to their players, providing rapid growth and player adoption on our platform, which brings a step closer to our grand vision.

Evolved Digitals will also be one of the first developers to have access to our esports platform developer sdk, and will develop a game for our platform. We will be partnering with more game development studios along the way.

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