Hi Rizki, thanks for sharing such a well-structured thought. Really appreciate the effort!
Jaka Wiradisuria

Hello Jaka, thanks for reading and giving your thoughts on my article!

In my opinion, JOOX have one specific feature that asian people like the most — Karaoke. That is one of the reason why they managed to dominate the market in Asia. And also, there are many other feature that JOOX have and the competitor doesn’t have. Example, the ability to create a snippet of the song lyrics and share it to social media. From my research, Indonesian people likes to share stuff, that’s why social media platform like Path is really popular in Indonesia. And also, JOOX is basically free — they don’t put ads between songs, and user can be a VIP for a day if they share at least 1 song to their social media.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that’s because JOOX team wanted to show JOOX main feature, discover, Live/Music Video, And My Music. They wanted user to use all these three features, they even mention it on their tagline — Free music anytime anywhere (Music, karaoke, Live) . And after a while, the team started going off course by adding more sections and more information to the apps. And it’ll get cluttered fast over time if not managed well. I don’t know how JOOX information structure looks like the first time they enter Indonesian market, so I can’t say more about it.

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