Why Does Programming Suck?
Luis Solano

I’ve work around 15 years with programming, since COBOL until C#.NET, I was positioned as project leader.

I don’t know what people said, but I’m now going better and rich after leaving programmer world and start business as HSD (High Speed Diesel) distributor to Industrial and Quarry. Now I have oil palm plantation about 500 hectare in Kalimantan, Indonesia, and harvest the money from it.

I think its better than programming, my wife and my sons will not understand the bugs that I’ve fixed, and they won’t it. They just want to school, foods, clothes, toys, jewelry, cars, or holiday.

I just remember some said to me, “When the problems is too complex, then make it simplified, the proof is ‘any number’ divide by zero, causes ‘NaN’..”