How Amazing Invest Your Money Into STEEM

I am sure, among us, there must be someone who has invested, such as goods in the form of property or money stored in the form of shares. In steemit, we also have investment facilities that are more interesting when compared to previous types of investment.

There are many things that we can do if we are investing our money in steem. Through a Steemit account, we can manage our own investments, such as setting up several projects that can help others to develop their skills, or we can join with another great project which established in steem-blockchain, even become a curator for content creators.

When did a curator call as an investor? While we invest using STEEM that can transform into steem power. We can curate or delegate steem power to developing projects, this will add to the asset value of the steem power we have. When the payout process on the account that we have curated, there will be a profit-sharing from the payout value that will return to our account as an investor. The steem power that we have later can also be cashed into STEEM again, even though the disbursement period takes time.

We have to consider about investing in STEEM, if we invest using it, only takes 3 seconds to process all the transaction we need, such as sending or delivering, so we don’t have to worry about delays in the transaction.

So, what do you think about that, isn’t it pretty cool?
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