Rentalinx, Indonesia Online Car Rental Searching and Booking Service

If you like to travel by car, this may be good news for you. An online car rental searching and reservation service has been presented for Indonesia traveler. It’s Rentalinx.

The service helps you to find a car or a rental agency to decide the type of car as you required. By using this service, you can conduct online transaction easily through the website or application from your gadgets.

Released mid-August 2015, Rentalinx currently has cooperated with many car rental companies in Indonesia committed to serve the needs of rental vehicles for both business and leisure. There are thousands of cars you can rent through this service.

Using Rentalinx, you can select required cars, selecting car rental companies with best offering, comparing car rates between companies, as well as choosing the facilities or features you need during the trip, such as driver, GPS, type of transmission, etc.

In addition, Rentalinx hold many interesting promo programs for you who use the service for a certain period. Rentalinx also provide a transaction history feature that can be used for personal or business interests while providing safety and comfort to the customer in the transaction.

Rentalinx presence as an online car rental searching and booking service spoils contemporary travelers who have previously enjoyed a ticket reservation service for planes, trains, and hotels.