Getting Started with UX Design

I started the foundations course without really knowing much about the field. Which is hard to recommend but it did allow me to experience the information without any preconceived notions. Which is not to say that I wasn’t surprised to hear about the breadth of skills and demand for UX designers.

I learned very quickly that its a UX designers job to take an idea from abstract to concrete. To find and research a current problem and strategize a solution. I think that was my first reality check in my dive into the world of design. I have always liked beautiful made things. I follow numerous app inspiration and design inspiration blogs hoping to copy…ahem.. understand the principles and apply them to my school presentations. But I have always looked at the end product and tried to start there. In various project planning opportunities I always had an end-product in mind, and would work through trying to achieve what I had initially visioned. This mentality can be pretty toxic in the world of UX, it’s one thing to design something pretty, but to create something useful and functional requires a lot more processes.

At the end of first class we were asked to come up with an app idea. A digital solution to a current problem facing Torontonians

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