Android InApp Update

New Android API Allows Developers Push Updates Within their Apps.

Every Android App wish for one thing i.e Auto update feature,which is long time feature pending request . Many Apps have built-in checks to determine if they are out of date, and prompt users to install the latest version from the Play Store. Google announced a new API that allows apps to install updates while you use them.

  • Google announced the In-App Updates API during its Android Dev Summit.
  • The new API gives developers two new ways to update their apps.
  • In-App Updates API can force users to update their apps.

In-App Updates API, developers can have two new ways to update their apps: immediate and flexible.

Immediate In-App update (Major/Critical)

With an immediate in-app update, users are greeted with a full-screen message that tells them there is an update that must be downloaded and applied before they can use the app. The message goes away once the update is done and users can then continue to use the app.

Flexible In-App update (Regular/Minor)

With a flexible in-app update, there is no full-screen update message. This allows users to open and use an app while the update downloads in the background. Once the update finishes downloading, developers can either have the update applied immediately or whenever users open their apps again.

Explained by Aurash Mahbod, Google’s director of engineering, in the above video.

The API is currently being tested with a handful of partners, and will become available to all developers soon.