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Because productivity matters

Python is the world’s best programming language. But wait for a minute. Really? Some people will say in the comment that, “Bro, It’s so slower than others in the market”. By the way, I’m not going to argue with anyone about this best programming language selection war. But those who become upset after having a defeat from the war only based on the point of Python is slow, I’m here to give them a push. So, let’s jump into the mission of making Python 30X faster.


Because productivity matters

Before jumping into the topic, let me ask you a couple of questions. How you transfer your files from one pc to another or pc to phone? You’re probably gonna say about using a USB cable or Pendrive? Yeah, it’s very common. But if I ask you how to share it through your local network where your every device is connected to your high-performance router with WiFi or LAN Cable. Can you share your files with one device to another simultaneously by using this local network? Can you stream and watch your favorite movie from your pc to your phone…


A step by step by guide with Cloudflare's integration tutorial

Most of the time, a git user’s big question is about how to attach a custom domain in a Github page. And it was the same for me also. But now it’s not and that’s why I’ve started writing to them about how you can use a custom domain in your Github page and add Cloudflare also. So, Let’s get started.

Step 1: Get a domain

You need a domain to attach. Buy a domain from any good places like Xeonbd, Godaddy or any places that you like but make sure it supports custom nameserver. …

Great Features of GitHub REST API’s

Check the number of times people downloaded your software from GitHub release.

Before going on to the main part let’s have a small talk about API. The full form of API isApplication Programming Interface ”. According to Wikipedia “API is an interface or communication protocol between a client and a server intended to simplify the building of client-side software. It has been described as a “contract” between the client and the server, such that if the client requests in a specific format, it will always get a response in a specific format or initiate a defined action.” That’s it, in a simple sentence we have to request on the Git Server…


A comprehensive guide to make an image to PDF converter by your own.

Thumbnail (icons source:

In today's world PDF is a very popular file format among the book readers, students, and officials etc. Those who read books on their mobile phones or PC(Personal Computers), know the importance of PDF format in everyday life and many times need to make a single PDF from a bunch of images in order to share and read. As an example, it turned out to be a life-saving thing for me a couple of days ago. I love reading Manga. So, I downloaded a popular manga as a .zip file, after extracting there were 144 chapters as 144 folders and…

Beginners question

Explained with sample code

Oracle and Python, both two words are very familiar among the developers as well as every tech-related guy also. So, today you’re gonna learn how to attach these two words or in other words how to perform DDL and DML operations on Oracle Database through Python Programming.


You must need the Oracle Database installed on your PC. I’ve written an article about the guideline for installing Oracle Database on PC. You can check out that article here.

Now comes about the preparation of Python. I believe as you’re in this article; it means you are not noob enough to show…

Setup Oracle Database 11g Express Edition step by step and then unlock the user “HR”.

For Database Management System, Oracle’s position is very strong and also popular among the developers and companies. The version of Oracle Database 11g Express Edition is widely used among the students and database beginners. It’s very lightweight and unlike the previous version 10g, it’s improved in many ways. However, today you will be learning how to install the Oracle Database 11g XE version on Windows PC and unlocking the ‘HR’ account.

Download the Oracle Database 11g Express Edition from the official link here. It’s a zip file which is about 350 MB more or less.

Extracting the ZIP

After finishing the downloading extract…

Beginner’s Guide


Before going on to the topic JSON, I would like to discuss a simple example because it will be a lot easier to explain JSON after the example.

Suppose we are developing a desktop software or a web application. So, for the desktop software we need to save the changes of settings that users have made so that when he/she opens the software again at another time, he/she doesn’t need to change the settings again as he/she changed it earlier. Also, it’s a very annoying thing for a user to config the same changes in every start. Now, what about…

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I’m a student of Computer Science. I love programming and developing especially Python and GNU/Linux is my loved things.

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