Trek of Terror

Fairy Meadows is a lush grassland located near the Base Camp of Nanga Parbat. At an altitude of 3300 meters above sea level,it serves as launching point for many climbers who come to climb the mega mountain. It provides a majestic view to the Nanga Parbat’s Rakhiot face.

I had a chance to visit the fairy meadows with adventure society of my university. It was my first of a kind visit to the northern areas. Till now I had only heard about it and seen it in pictures, but now seeing it for real gave me chills of how enormous the scale of nature was in comparison to human being.

Trek to Fairy Meadows spans over 4 to 6 hours. There are alternatives available, where one can acquire the services of locals for carrying the luggage. But those are really expensive for tourists like me. We started our trek around 12:00 pm.

Coming to the thrilling part, after 6 hours of trekking, there was still no sign of campsite. We were in a group of 6, separated from other people. Some lagging behind while some already at the campsite. It was getting dark and starting to rain. With our raincoats out and torches up and ready, we were trying to move as fast as we could. As the rain poured harder, and trek become narrower with mountain on one side and steep slopes on the other. But this is just a short part of it. Imagine being in a muddy track in middle of forest on mountain, where only thing you can see is the light of your on torch, and it’s raining without any mercy. It was a real horror to be there. Thoughts started to rush through my mind, that what the he’ll was I doing here. I could have stayed home, and I chose this.

I slipped three times, with trying to hold on to the mountain, my hands became all shaky and muddy due to cold and rain. Somehow me along with my other group members managed to survive the trek.

This whole time my heart was pounding and adrenaline had me pushing through. I decided never ever to visit meadows ever again at that moment. Though next morning I woke up to this view, with mountain covered in clouds.

I am an undergrad in civil engineering , who is married with children. This is my first story.