Khudi and Self Learning

Edhi sb Reading

Edhi Sb uses his experience to identify the needy person. One of his experience is that when he was going to play football with his friends then he saw a man was lying injured and was helpless then he identify with his past experience. When he was studying in schools then his mother give him two paisas one for the needy person and one for himself and ask him to find the needy person.From this experience he find the real need and injured person he bandage his wound and give him blanked and medicine and some food.

Edhi decided to built the hospital ,to make a factory to train and employ the poor, and to build a village for the handicapped.

Just start Project

In just start project I want to improve my English language grammar. Because I give test of many job post but due to weak in English grammar I was not able to pass that portion.So I want to improve this project. So I divided it into many small tasks.First task is to remember the tenses. Second part is to learn parts of speech.Third part is to memorize the maximum English vocabulary.

It was a great experience for me to complete these tasks.Vocabulary was the challenge for me to remember many new words.In next step I will get a suitable book of vocabulary.

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