This is the story of a girl from a village in Afghanistan. She was born in a very traditional, religious, crowded and conservative family. Upon her birth she is treated differently obviously because she is a girl and just being a girl can make her life and destiny different from her brothers. When she grew a lil older, she had to wear scarf and cover her sleeves and feet. She can no longer play outside with the boys. She has to start helping her mom with cooking, cleaning and washing. She has so many other tasks to do at home such as washing younger and older brothers socks. She should jump high or play some sports becuase she might lose her virginity, which if she looses, then she must either die or be totally isolated. She has to prepare foods for her younger and older brothers. She can not sit inside the room when there are guests at home. Even if a guest comes at home, she has to leave whatever she is doing and prepare serve the guests. She shouldn’t shout. Even when arguing with siblings, it is always her brothers who are righ. When she became eight years old, she asked her mom if she can go to school with other girls. Her mom accepted only if she cleans the home before going to school in the morning and when coming back from school she has to cook dinner. She was happy. One day when she was coming back from school, a boy of 20 year old age stopped her and wanted rape her but she managed to escape..she did not say anything about this to her mom becuase she knew her mom would blame her for this event and will not let her go to school. When she was in the nineth grade, a man from neighbourhood proposed her for marriage. He was 15 years older than her but was rich. Her parents without consulting with her accepted this man as their son in law. She got married although she did not want to. She could not continue her education. She has 3 kids now and living with her old husband’s family…….