Scott Berkun shares Five challenges of managing innovation at an organization:

Life of ideas: Ideas can come from anywhere within an organization. It’s what happens to them that matters. Are people pushed to explore, prototype, follow their instincts, and learn from what happens?

The environment: Bob Taylor was a manager…

JavaScript is a language that powers all web browsers. To some, it’s a necessary evil a developer has to learn. As much as each developer wants to get away from writing JavaScript, it seems like shipping any feature requires some form of interaction with this dreadful language. At least, this…

If just logic is what makes sense, you’re limiting yourself to rational thought. To be free, be open to what’s beyond. You don’t have to agree to it, but know that wit isn’t in limiting. Rationality is not the only gate to wisdom and knowledge.

I’ve been contemplating a lot lately on how a person achieves perfection in life. I’ve always learned new things by diving head first over and over again and taking something out of it each time.

I learned designing business cards in Microsoft Publisher back in late 90s. It seemed Photoshop…

Helsinki, Finland

I’ve learned that holding religiously strong opinions about matters usually hurt in the long run. Each choice in life brings with it a certain set of pros and cons. And by blinding ourselves to a particular option usually entails sacrificing the pros of the other one.

For example, the developers…

Convention Center IN Portland, The venue of RailsCOnf 2013

I love the Ruby community. The amount of innovation that happens is astonishing. It’s full of kind people who are willing to talk and get acquainted. I enjoyed hearing stories and networking around so much that it’s going to be really hard to miss the conference next year.

Talking to…

Rizwan Reza

Entrepreneur, Designer and Developer. Engineering Principal at @pivotal. Mentor at @trybloc. Cofounder @jottohq.

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