On Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali was “The Greatest”, even his name is a union of the two greatest names ever given to humankind. His in-ring career was unthinkable and unmatched before him. His agility, his style, his presence in the ring was remarkable, to say the least. For me, there will be no fighter like him.

But I am inspired by what he stood for out of the squared ring. From showing the African-Americans how to be openly proud of who they are, to actively standing up against enlisting for the war in Vietnam, to helping countless charities and peaceful causes, to stopping a person at the brink of suicide, to letting a kid win in the ring to teach that one can win even against the greatest, to traveling to Iraq and Iran to help free hostages, and the list goes on and on.

When I look at his life, I find that he was courteous, gracious, funny, outspoken, faithful, energetic, kind, faithful, and proud, but at his core, he was just simply free. A man free of society’s preconceived notions and cultural shackles. A man who cared little about the status quo, and lived a life according to the morals and principles he believed in.

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