The second inaugural Spinnaker Summit is just a little over a week away! I’m going, a whole lot of my co-workers are going, and I hope you are too. More than that, I wanted to plug a few things.

First, Rob Fletcher and I will be speaking on Tuesday at…

In Q2 and Q3, the Netflix Spinnaker team worked on developing and releasing a new SQL storage backend for Orca, our orchestration service.

Strap in, this may be my longest post yet. My goal in this post is to outline end-to-end how the sausage is made on some larger efforts…

It’s been awhile since my last update. If I’m not telling people what I’m doing, am I really doing anything at all? Let’s talk Spinnaker.

Q2, Q3

I’ve been in NYC this week hanging out with the Google Spinnaker team and meeting users who are based out of NYC. There’s a lot…

Q2 has been all about performance and reliability improvements for the Netflix Spinnaker team. This may come as a surprise after my last post, where I said I’d be focusing on Declarative.

First, a note on 5.1. Last weekend I wrote an Ed 5, then deleted it shortly after publishing…

Rob Zienert

Sr Software Engineer @ Netflix

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