Our bond.
“Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.” -Sir Winston Churchill

“Let’s play!” They said. The seeker started, and we all hid. Iwas having trouble of finding a good spot to hide. “Psst!” A voice from my left said. “Over here!” She pulled me inside a jeep, and we both lied down.

“We found you!” We were the last ones to be found, and we started running to the starting point. That time, I was playing with my friends. We were playing hide and seek, like we always did. We were so happy, running like little kids, hiding in different places. I was so happy.

Yes, so happy.

Each day I woke up, I would go downstairs and outside, waiting to see my friends. I was so excited. Another day, another playtime. Everyday we would play what we normally play. Hopscotch, hide and seek, tag, chinese garter and patintero. One of my friends went outside, waving at me. So I went to her and we started playing. After awhile, there was 2 others, standing at my friend’s door, also waving at us.

We were the best of friends back then. Everyday we were playing, talking, laughing, and having unplanned picnics ever so often. At nights, we would sit on one of the cars parked outside, looking through the stars; thinking. I would stay outside, late at night. And always get scolded by my parents. But I didn’t care. I wanted to be with my friends, and together, we escaped reality.

One day, we were sitting together, talking. “I need to tell you guys something,” One of my friends said. “We’re moving to our province.” She looked down, feeling nervous as she waited for our reactions. I, ofcourse, being the crybaby I am, cried. I didn’t know this day would come, and I didn’t know what to do. Months passed by and today, was the big day. The day of their move. It was the most painful day for us three, but we couldn’t do something about it. It was her parent’s choice, and we respect that.

Years passed by, one by one, all the people I used to hang out with was gone. They all left. We separated ways. And that time, I had none to tell my secrets with, to play with, to laugh with, and to do everything with. That moment I realized, that not everything can last forever.

I’m still glad I have true friends that I can count with in school, but my childhood holds every memory of my childhood friends, so I keep them dearly. We may be far away from eachother, but our friendship will remain in my heart. We promised to never forget eachother, so I thank you, my dearest friends.

“Our bond is strong, we are one.”