The User Design in Smart Cars

Our team brainstorming the design of our GPS navigational system geared towards tourists using a rental car.

On Thursday we had our first Studio session in HCDE 210, where we focused on designing a GPS for smart cars that tourists would then rent and explore the city with. In order to properly design a GPS, we had to consider the wants/needs of a tourist exploring a new city and orient the design around those needs.

Our final design and storyboard that we presented to the class.

As we designed our Smart Car GPS we reflected upon what a tourist needs when that individual is exploring a new city. And we kept on coming back to this idea that a tourist does not know its way around the city that it is exploring.

So it would be wonderful for our system to act as a map/guide to significant locations and provide the necessary information that a person needs when exploring a city.

One of the key design aspects of our GPS was that it could search for significant locations and then upon arrival, search for parking. This could allow the user to find its way around the city and then be able to park the car in a convenient location.

After we finished our sprint, a question was brought up about how we could possibly make our design even more User-Friendly. This got me thinking of how we could improve our design even more. Perhaps we could add more features or present our system in a different way that could be better for the user? It’s an open question, but these are things to think about in the future as we design.

Now for something completely different yet similar. As a filmmaker and writer, I go through a similar ideation process that we went through in class in creating the plot/story of my work. I frequently think about the audience to make sure my film’s plot is understood. And it’s a constant battle to test my own stories to confirm this. This is similar to our design process in the sense of say our GPS design is not understood by the user; it fails. Because nobody knows how to use it. Well, I constantly work on my film to make sure the message/ideas will read to an audience. I do this because I love the ideas in my work and I want them to be understood. So this exercise in user based design is something helpful to think about.

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