Dear Ellen,

Today marks one year that my girlfriend and I have been together. It kind of seems surreal to me that it’s been a year. Granted a year ago I would’ve never guessed all of the things that have occurred to me in the past 365 days.

I’m very lucky to have her though. She’s so intelligent, sweet, caring, loving and much more. No worries I won’t get incredibly mushy, just honest. I’m sure I haven’t been the easiest person to put up with the last 12 months but she’s done it and I am grateful and blessed for that.

I feel like this year I learned so much about love. About how deep it actually is. It was kind of liking waking up to a whole other definition of what caring about someone is. I know I’ve been in relationships before but I can honestly say none of them were like this. She’s my Dory, my fish in the sea. Crazy to think we met in the last place either of us wanted to be. I guess God has a funny sense of humor in that way.

Love is a beautiful thing. We forget that all too often in todays world. I hope that love continues to win and prevail not only in my life, but in the lives of many. We shall see I suppose. Goodbye for now.